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Why is Full Working Version Access Needed to Save Versions?

When you're ready to save a new version, it's crucial to not only have the proper "save versions" permissions set up in your space permissions on the space level, but also to have view and edit access to all pages in the Working version of your document. Let's explore why this is necessary and what can happen if you don't meet this requirement:

  • The Scroll Page ID factor: Scroll Page IDs play a vital role in versioning. They're identifiers that help keep track of pages across different versions. During the save a version process, we try to assign Scroll Page IDs to pages in the Working version that maybe missing them. These IDs can only be assigned to pages for which you have view and edit access.

  • Error message alert: If you lack access to any pages within the Working version, you'll encounter an error message that signals the issue. This message serves as a notification that the required access permissions are missing, prompting you to ensure that you have the necessary permissions in place.

Ensuring that you have both view and edit access to all pages in the Working version guarantees a seamless version-saving operation. This proactive approach prevents any hiccups and ensures the Scroll Page IDs can be properly assigned, leading to a successful new version creation.

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