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Create a Workflow Overview Page Using Labels

To monitor the progress of pages within your Scroll Document, you can create an overview page using the Content by Label macro. This setup enables you to use page labels as indicators to display the current workflow status of each page.

Once the labels have been applied and the overview page is set up, your authors and reviewers can manually change the labels as needed during the authoring and review process. The Content by Label macro will automatically update to reflect these changes, providing an updated view of the document's progress.

This is a temporary solution which enables you to keep track of each page's individual progress within your Scroll Document. Workflow support is something we hope to enable for Scroll Documents in the future, you can stay updated on our progress here: DOCS-17.

Set up a Workflow Overview Page

To create an overview of the current state of all pages in your Scroll Document, consider the following options for the location of your overview page:

  • Outside of your document's page tree in the author space.

  • On the "Versions of…" page within the author space.

  • In a separate space.

To set up your own overview page and start using it, follow these steps:

  1. Identify label text for the statuses you want to track, such as "in-progress," "review," and "done."

  2. Apply these labels to the corresponding pages.

  3. Choose or create a suitable page where you can monitor your pages' progress.

  4. Open the Confluence editor and insert the Content by Label macro.

  5. In the Label” field add the label/s you want this macro to list.
    (tick) Tips: For a better overview you can add one Content by Label macro for each status label.

  6. Click Add a filter.

  7. Search for the filter “Space” and define which space you want to take the data from. 

  8. Click Insert to close the macro dialog.

  9. Save the page.

Well done!

You now have a dedicated page to track the progress of your documentation.

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