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"Confluence Stopped Responding" Error While Saving a Version

This troubleshooting article provides step-by-step guidance for how to troubleshoot the error message: "Confluence stopped responding.”


When attempting to save a version, you may receive an error report with the following error message:

Confluence stopped responding

You might also see a specific page mentioned along with the error, such as in this example:

Confluence stopped responding ((V1) Getting Started)

Possible Causes

This issue can occur if there is a page in your Scroll Document's Working version that contains numerous attachments.

Confluence sometimes faces difficulties when copying pages with many attachments. Unfortunately, we do not have any numbers regarding the maximum amount that causes the problem. To clarify, when Scroll Documents saves a version, it relies on a Confluence API to copy pages, content, and attachments from the Working version. However, if Confluence fails to copy a page due to its attachments, this can lead to the save version process in Scroll Documents failing. This issue is a result of a the following Confluence bug: CONFCLOUD-75318


To troubleshoot this you should confirm if the issue is related to attachments.

To confirm whether the issue is related to attachments, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and open the error report you received when you tried saving the version.

  2. Look for the error message Confluence stopped responding and check if a specific page is listed, such as: ((V1) Getting Started)

  3. Navigate to the listed page in the page tree of your Working version.

  4. Click on More actions (•••) > select Attachments > Files.

If the page has a big number of attachments, this could be the reason for the save version action failure. When this is the case, we recommend following actions:

  • Consider the prevention tips below.

  • Vote and comment on the previously mentioned Confluence bug: CONFCLOUD-75318

If an error has interrupted the process of saving a version, leaving you with an incomplete page tree, it is essential to delete this incomplete tree before attempting to save the next version. This prevents potential conflicts with page titles. Follow the steps outlined in this article to delete the incomplete page tree effectively: Incomplete Page Tree After Saving a Version Fails

Prevention Tips

To avoid attachment-related issues when saving versions, consider the following tips:

  1. Remove attachments you no longer need from both the editor and the Attachments section of the page. You can find the Attachment section of a page by clicking on More actions (•••) > Attachments > Files.

  2. Create a separate page tree outside your document and use it as an include library. Include the content into your document using Include Page macros. For more information about content reuse in Scroll Documents, see: Reuse Content in Scroll Documents

  3. Consider hosting the file/s elsewhere.

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