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Edit and Structure Documents

Each version of a Scroll Document is unique tree of Confluence pages. Learn how you can organize the page tree and edit the pages for your working version and for each version you save.

Where does the content for my document come from?

The content for each document version exists separately as a unique page tree. The content comes from the content of the underlying Confluence pages that belong to the version’s page tree.

A new document always starts out with a Working version page tree. What pages are part of this page tree depends on how you create the document:

  • When you create a document with Start from scratch option, you get to create and organize the pages that should be part of the working version page tree.

  • When you create a document with Use existing content option, the page tree you choose will define the pages and page structure of your working version.

Whenever you save a version, you create a copy of the working version page tree. You can also change this default and choose any other saved version to base your new version on. Learn how you can save a version and what is copied over with each new version.

How can I manage the content for each version?

Using the Organize Page Tree option, you can update and rearrange the pages of each document version, any time after you created a document or saved a version. You can also delete or add new pages.

After building up the page tree for a version, you can navigate to each individual Confluence page and open the Confluence editor to start adding or editing the pages' content.

For each version you save you can organize the page tree and edit the pages separately.

Learn how you can manage content with Scroll Documents:

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