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What Are Document Locations, and What Can I Do With Them?

Scroll Documents defines three types of document locations which are special pages used to organize content (documents and versions) created with the app. 

Types of Document Locations

Document location for versions of a particular document

This is a special page that is automatically created when you save a version for the first time in your space. This page is created as a sibling of the working version and contains all the versions of a particular document that you create within your space.

Versions location page for the SmartApp document

What Can You Do With the Document Location Pages

The document location pages are like any other Confluence pages, and therefore you can interact with them the way you do with Confluence pages. In the following section, we have listed some important actions and their potential impact on the behavior of Scroll Documents.


(warning) Gotchas

Edit page title

You can choose to change the title of the document locations if you do not prefer the default names.


Edit content

We add a special macro called 'Scroll Document Location' to this page. This macro displays some basic information about the page, and provides links to help articles.

You are free to edit the page, and add your own content to it. You can remove the 'Scroll Document Location' macro without any impact on the functionality of Scroll Documents.


Restrict page

Although not recommended, you can choose to add restrictions to this page.

  • Please note that view restrictions in Confluence are inherited by all the child pages. As a result, this may impact the restrictions on the versions of documents that live under this page. This may result in unexpected behavior when trying to view or edit those documents.

  • When view restricting this page, a new location may be created if somebody saves a new version of the document.

Delete page

Although not recommended, you can choose to delete this page, and all of its children.

  • Please note that, once deleted, Scroll Documents will create a new location page the next time you save a version.

  • If you choose to delete the default location page along with all its children, then, all the versions will also be deleted.

Move page

You can choose to move this page to a different location within the same space.

  • Due to a bug in confluence, moving the page to a different space would have unexpected behavior when viewing the documents in the Document Library, or the Document Reader.

  • If you move this page underneath another page with view restrictions, then those restrictions will be inherited by all the documents and their versions. This may result in unexpected behavior when trying to view or edit those documents and versions.

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