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Create, Manage and Version Documents

Create a Scroll document to start managing your documentation in Confluence – Control versions, track changes and manage your content development workflow

Before you begin

What is a Scroll document (a.k.a Document)?

Simply put, a Scroll Document (a.k.a document) lives in a Confluence space, and is a container for your documentation page tree and all its versions.

A Scroll Document always starts out with a Working version and is represented in the form of a card in the Document Library.

What is a Documentation page tree?

A documentation page tree on the other hand refers to the scope of pages within a Confluence space that represent a set of related content that you want to version and manage together.

The Documentation page tree can either be -

  • a single page, or

  • a sub-set of the space page tree, or

  • the entire space page tree

When you create a new Scroll Document the documentation page tree is added as the Working version of the document.

What is the Working version of a document?

Think of the Working version as the continuously progressing version of your documentation. You will use this version to prepare changes to your documentation and save a version once complete.

When you create a new document, you start out by defining a documentation page tree which will be the Working version of the document. Later on, you can save more versions to create various snapshots of the Working version across multiple points in time.

You can create and manage as many documents and document versions as you need and add metadata to customize and distinguish between the different documents and versions.

Learn how you can create and manage documents and its versions:

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