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Scroll Documents 3.8.0

We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 3.8.0 which is a feature and improvement release.

With this release we are introducing Translations support for Scroll Documents. You can try out a limited version of the functionality on Data Center today. In order to use the full feature set, you’ll need to install the extension app - Translations for Scroll Documents which will be available for Confluence Data Center soon.

In addition to that, we have now made it easy for readers to quickly jump into a Confluence page from the Document reader to add comments via a shortcut button. We have also added a feature that lets you fix broken document versions when they are moved to a different space manually.


Translations for Scroll Documents

Translations for Scroll Documents enable you to localize your content and deliver your document in any of the languages it has been translated into. This is useful if you’re documenting a product or service that is targeted towards a global audience.

Translations for Scroll Documents adds language management and translation support to Scroll Documents, enabling you to author multilingual product or process documentation directly in Confluence.

Choose a translation flow that works for you:

  • Manual: Internal translators create translations of documents directly in Confluence.

  • External: Export your original content to XLIFF, a global localization file standard used by translation professionals. Once translated, import the translation into Confluence.

  • Machine-aided (Coming Soon): Pre-translate your content using our integration with DeepL, a leading machine translation provider. Review, revise, and approve the translations if needed.

Use Scroll App integrations to deliver the localized content:

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