Just as you can create copies of individual Confluence pages, you can also create copies of your documents. When you need to duplicate the content of a document, copying is the simplest way to do so.

Copy allows you to bring a document to other spaces in Confluence and start new work from the content of an existing document.

Create a Copy 

Select the actions menu from either the document card in the Document Library or in the Reader and select Copy

Pick a title or leave the default.

Pick a location for your copy starting with the Confluence Space and then the Parent page

When you copy a document into the same space, there will likely be page title conflicts, as two pages with the same name can't live in the same space. To help handle these conflicts, a Prefix will be added.

By default, this prefix is Copy of, which all page titles of the document will inherit. But you can also choose to customize the prefix. To do this, expand the Advanced section.

When you customize this prefix, you'll see a dynamic preview of the Copy's new title in the dialog. 

The new copy of the document will then appear in the Overview of whichever space you have selected. 

Copy and replace an existing document 

If you are copying the document to another space where a copy of the same root document already exists, you will have the option to replace the existing document. This approach is common for teams who use the copy functionality as a method of publishing their finalized documents to a public space to be accessed by their users or team. 

You can maintain a private Confluence space where you draft documents and publish them to a public space when they're ready for release. Learn more about this use case with Scroll Documents → 

In the copy dialog, select the target location for the copy. If a copy of the document already exists, a message will appear explaining that you need to decide what you'd like to do with both copies:

Click Next where you will select either to keep both documents in the target space or replace the existing document in the target space, which will delete the exiting document in that space. When you want to maintain only one document of its kind in the target space, we recommend replacing the document:

What's included when you copy a document? 

This table gives you a breakdown of what is included when you copy a document: 

Document contentYes
Page attachments or images within the documentYes
Workflow statusNo – reverts to In Progress
Created byTransfers to the creator of the Copy