Create read requests and manage read confirmations on your multi-page Confluence documents.When you create a new read request, a notification is sent to your readers that they should read a specific version of a document. You can track their confirmations to ensure everyone has reviewed it.

You need Confluence space administrator permissions to create read requests.

  • From the version history table in the Document Manager, open the ••• menu of a version and click Create read request:

  • The Create Read Request dialog displays:

  • Enter a title for your request. Use this field to specify the context of the request for your readers.

  • Optionally, add a message and set a deadline.

  • Click Next.

  • Add the readers you want to notify. Reader can be individual users or a group of users.

  • Optionally, tick the notifications checkbox to get notified when the status of a request changes.

  • Click Save.

For your selected version, a active read request icon will show in your version history table:

Click the icon to manage responses and add new users to the request.


The users or groups you selected will receive an email notifying them of your request with a link to open the specific version of the document.

The document will open in the Document Reader, where they can review the document and confirm they have done so.

Optionally, your readers can leave a message that will be stored with their confirmation.