We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 3.6.0 which is a feature release.

This release takes the integration with Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll Word Exporter to the next level by supporting one of the highly requested features - Scroll Documents Placeholders for Scroll Exporter Templates.

We have also fixed a couple of bugs that resulted in draw.io and Plant UML diagrams to be broken in saved document versions.


Scroll Documents Placeholders for Scroll Exporter Templates

Now you can easily add the following placeholders to your Scroll PDF or Scroll Word templates to dynamically populate the corresponding Scroll Document metadata to the exported file -

  • Document ID - A unique ID that remains consistent across all versions of a document. This can be particularly useful for traceability of a document

  • Document Title - The title of the document that appears on the cards in the Document Library

  • Version Name - The name of the version of the document being exported

  • Version Saved Date - The date on which the exported document version was created

  • Version Status - The Workflow status of the document version being exported

  • Variant Name - If you use the Variants feature, then you can add this placeholder to display the name of the variant being exported on the file

Lear more about the available placeholders here -