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Setting up and Running Infocenter

The following documentation outlines the steps required for setting up and running InfoCenter.

Downloading InfoCenter

To download InfoCenter, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Eclipse Downloads Archive and select the latest version within Archived Releases
  2. Within the chosen Eclipse platform build, select Platform Runtime Binary – the available downloads for your OS and CPU are displayed.
  3. Select the wanted version of Eclipse and save the file on your local disk:

Extracting and preparing InfoCenter

After you've downloaded the Eclipse SDK please follow these steps to prepare the InfoCenter:

  1. Create a new directory on your local disk and name it Infocenter (you can use any other name, but we'll use this name for the rest of this guide)

  2. Extract the downloaded file:
    • Windows / Linux: Extract the archive and copy the resulting eclipse directory into the new Infocenter directory
    • Mac: Only some parts need to be extracted:

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      1. Open the dmg file, right-click on and choose ‘Show Package Contents’:
      2. Navigate to Contents and copy the contained Eclipse folder into your new Infocenter directory.
  3. Your Infocenter directory should now contain a single eclipse folder (or upper-case Eclipse on Mac)
  4. Download the scripts for your OS and save them into the Infocenter directory
    1. Windows: Download startInfocenter.bat and stopInfocenter.bat
    2. Linux / Mac: Download, open a terminal, navigate to the Infocenter  directory and enter 'chmod  a+x ' to make the script executable.
  5. Open the downloaded scripts and see if you need to adapt the Java location or port for Infocenter

The InfoCenter is now prepared and can be started.

Running InfoCenter

Linux / Mac

In order to run InfoCenter on Linux or Mac, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the terminal and navigate to the Infocenter directory.
  2. Enter the following line in the terminal and press Enter:


    The line 'Starting up infocenter at http://localhost:4321/help/index.jsp ' is displayed.

  3. Copy the URL and paste it in your browser. The InfoCenter will then be displayed with default content:

  4. If you want to quit the InfoCenter, press CTRL+C.


In order to run InfoCenter on Windows, simply double-click the startInfocenter.bat script.

To quit InfoCenter on Windows, double-click the stopInfocenter.bat script.

Display the exported Documentation in InfoCenter

Before you begin to deploy your documentation,  you have to export it.

In order to display the exported documentation in InfoCenter, please follow these steps:

  1. Close all running InfoCenters.
  2. Copy the exported documentation file (.JAR) into 'Infocenter / eclipse / plugins'.
  3. Start the InfoCenter.

The exported documentation will then displayed in InfoCenter.

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