Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.1.5 Release Notes

Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.1.5 is a bugfix release:

  • Fixed issue with multiple exports at the same time: EXP-734 - jiraissue.placeholder.status
  • Fixed issue with wrong logging type: EXP-755 - jiraissue.placeholder.status
  • Fixed issue with syntax highlighting under JDK 1.6: EXP-758 - jiraissue.placeholder.status

 (warning) If you are upgrading from Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.0.1, please follow the Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.0.2 Upgrade Instructions

(info) Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.1.5 is a recommended upgrade.


If you are using Scroll Versions, please make sure to update to Scroll Versions 2.1 or later.

Updates and Fixes in this release

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