September 2015

We are proud to announce Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3. This release focuses on exporting the status macro, a new placeholder, and improved logging information.


Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3 will only support Confluence 5.3 and later.


Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3 can only be used with Java 1.7 and later. For all system requirements, please have a look at the Supported Platforms of Confluence 5.3.

Highlights in Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3

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Define your own placeholders

Custom Velocity context items allow you to define your own placeholders to be used in your template. Those placeholders can refer to data in other plugins, to your database, to your user directory, etc. On export those placeholders will be replaced with the specific data.

Please have a look at the page Creating custom Velocity context items for further information how to use this feature.

New Comala Workflows placeholder

Besides the well known $adhoc state placholder returning the current Comala Workflows state of a page, you're now able to refer to multiple other Comala Workflows information.

If you're using Comala Workflows for the status of your pages, check out all the Comala Workflows placeholders available with Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3.

Improved logging information

With Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3 it is now easily possible to add logging information to your logfiles about which user starts an export. The logfiles will then contain infos about the following:

  • Export time
  • User that started the export
  • Page the export was started from
  • Export template
  • Each page that has been exported

Please have a look at the page Configuring Export Logging in our knowledge base.

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The Scroll EPUB Exporter 3.3 Team

Tobias Anstett
Peter Bastian
Nils Bier
Mario Erazo
Maximilian Hilbert
Jens Rutschmann
Roman Serazhiev