Learn about the differences between the Server and Cloud versions of Scroll Exporter Extensions.


Scroll Macros 

When installing a specific Scroll Exporter app on Confluence Server/Data Center, such as Scroll PDF Exporter or Scroll Word Exporter, the Scroll Exporter Extension macros come bundled automatically and will be available after the installation. This differs to Confluence Cloud, where, to gain access to the Scroll Exporter Extension macros you would need to separately install the free Scroll Exporter Extensions app (after installing the macros will become available after a few minutes).

Legend(tick) – Available | (error) – Unavailable | (warning) – Partially available

MacroDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloudDetails
Scroll Page titleMakes Scroll overwrite the page title on export. (tick)


On Cloud, this macro is not available.

Instead, use the Scroll Page Title dialog by going to the Page tools menu (•••)  > Set Scroll Page Title. You can read more about this here.

Scroll app specific macros

For users of Scroll PDF Exporter 4.1 (and older) and Scroll Word Exporter 4.0.0 (and older), you may have used macros specific to individual exporters on your Confluence pages (eg. Scroll-PDF-Ignore). Since EXP-32 we have made changes to these Scroll macros so they are not app-specific.(tick)


On Cloud, these macro are not yet available.

Related feature request:  Provide migration option for deprecated Scroll-app specific macros from server to cloud