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Why are my links linking to my Confluence system and not inside my exported document?


Why are my links linking back to my Confluence system instead of inside my exported document?


The linking location depends on how you've inserted your links to your Confluence page. If you've inserted a URL to a Confluence page, the link will always link to your Confluence system, no matter if the linked page is also included in your exported document.

If you want to link inside your exported document you have to link directly to the page. This can be done in several ways:

  • Click Link and Search for the corresponding Confluence page.
  • Click Link and select the page from the Recently Viewed pages.
  • Click Advanced and enter the name of the page.
  • If Scroll Versions is activated, click Browse Page Tree and select the wanted page.

Please make sure, that the linked pages are exported in your document as well. If they are not included in your export, the links will point back to your Confluence system.

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