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Cloud & Server Differences

Learn about the differences between the Server and Cloud versions of Scroll HTML Exporter.



Scroll Macros 

When installing Scroll HTML Exporter on Confluence Server/Data Center, the Scroll macros come bundled automatically and will be available after the installation. This differs to Confluence Cloud, where, to gain access to the Scroll Macros you would need to separately install the free Scroll Exporter Extensions app (after installing the macros will become available after a few minutes). 

Legend(tick) – Available | (error) – Unavailable | (warning) – Partially available

MacroDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloudDetails
Scroll PagetitleMakes Scroll overwrite the page title on export. (tick)


On Cloud, this macro is not available.

Instead, use the Scroll Page Title dialog by going to the Page tools menu (•••)  > Set Scroll Page Title. You can read more about this here.

Scroll app specific macros

For users of Scroll HTML Exporter 3.5.1 and older, you may have used Scroll app specific macros on your Confluence pages (eg. Scroll-HTML-Ignore). Since EXP-32 we have made changes to these macros so they are not app-specific.(tick)


On Cloud, these macros will not be made available. You can read more about how to manually change these legacy macros to a cloud compatible format here.

Template Customization

FeatureDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloudDetails
Template Theme Customization

Create custom export templates that allow modifications to the export look and feel.   


Due to the differences in templating between Scroll HTML Exporter for Confluence Server/DC and Cloud, we provide a hard-coded template theme on cloud.

However, on Cloud, templating is far less sophisticated and the possibilities for customization are reduced and specific template settings and export properties can be defined (learn more). Furthermore, we provide a custom template customization option on app and you can read more about how to make post-export customization changes here.

Template PlaceholdersPossibility to add template placeholders in custom export templates to reference metadata in the generated export.  (tick)(error)Due to Scroll HTML Exporter for Cloud providing a hard-coded template, we do not yet support the addition of template placeholders which are available on Server/DC.

Administrative features

FeatureDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloudDetails
Option to restrict the export optionChoose which spaces and/or user groups have the option to export content with Scroll Word Exporter.(tick)


Not currently available for the cloud version of the app.

Related feature request: Restrict the export functionality for Confluence Cloud Exporters


Export options

Server / Data CenterCloudDetails
Export using Comala Document Management integrationIntegrate with Comala Document Management to only export content that has been approved through every step of a Comala Workflow, and has been published to the final workflow state.(tick)


Not currently available for the cloud version of the app.

Related feature request:  Comala Document Management for Scroll Exporter on Cloud

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