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Export Schemes

Confluence Administrators and Space Administrators are able to define multiple Export Schemes, either per space or even globally. These Export Schemes include all settings to export your Confluence content to the wanted output format.

By defining multiple Export Schemes in the same space you are able to export the same pages with different settings for different purposes, for example:

  • Marketing Material
  • Presentations
  • Documentations
  • Documents for different customers
  • ...and much more

Using Export Schemes means you do not have to always click through the various export settings before exporting the content in the way they want. In your Scroll HTML Exporter Export Schemes you can define the following settings:

  • Define if you want to create one HTML file for each Confluence page, or a single large HTML file with all pages.
  • Select which HTML Template should be used.
  • Define which pages should be exported: Only one page, a page with all its children, or even pages with a specific label.
  • Define the output of several macros, e.g. toc-macros, children-macros, or section-macros.
  • Define the output of images and index terms.
  • Define the file naming of the exported HTML file(s).
  • Control the handling of pages, managed with Comala Workflows.

For more information, see Creating an Export Scheme.

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