Currently, there is not a cloud specific version of Scroll HTML Exporter available on Confluence Cloud. We are tracking this requirement in our publicly available feature request - EXP-632. However, some users will be able to fulfill their use-case requirements on cloud by using another of our apps, Scroll Viewport for Cloud.

Is the switch to Scroll Viewport for Cloud right for me?


If you require a specific HTML export generated (eg. as a *.zip file) for your Confluence content, such as for offline use, the switch to Scroll Viewport for Cloud is currently not right for you.


If you have been using Scroll HTML Exporter for help-related content which is published online, Scroll Viewport for Cloud will be able to fulfill this requirement

Specifically, Scroll Viewport for Cloud will allow you apply a theme to your chosen Confluence content and make it available publicly to your users. Therefore, with Scroll Viewport you can publish your content as a beautiful help center - the app comes with a pre-built Help Center theme which allows you to easily create a help center that is ready for customers to use in a matter of minutes. Following this, you can further customize the Help Center theme to make your help center recognizable to your customers without needing any coding skills. Furthermore, you can also link to Google Analytics and/or your chosen customer support system.

For an example of how you can use Scroll Viewport for Cloud to provide an alternate view for your Confluence content, please see our live Help Center example