This section provides an introduction to the concepts in Scroll HTML Exporter.You'll find descriptions, illustrations, and examples of the following:

  • GlossaryThis page gives an overview about the terms and expressions used in the Scroll Exporters.
  • How Scroll Handles HeadingsAs Confluence does not enforce proper ordering of headings (heading 2 can come before heading 1, etc.), the Exporters use an algorithm to create a sensible hierarchy in every case. This page explains the algorithm.
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Scroll Macros
  • Workflow OverviewThis page gives an overview about the required steps to export your content from Confluence to the wanted export format.
  • Comala Workflows (Ad-hoc Workflows) IntegrationAll our exporters do now support Comala Workflows When creating your Export Scheme, and a workflow is activated, you can define if you want to export only published versions.