By using the HelpCenter export template included with the app you can export your Confluence content to HTML format. Simply open the page you want to export, then click page tools ••• > Export with Scroll HTML Exporter. A dialogue box will then open where you can define the export scope to either:

  • This page and its children – export the page you start the export from and all the saved child pages
  • Only this page – export only the page you start the export from

After selecting your desired template and choosing your export scope, you can then click Show Details to display further customizable options.

These options are set by default in the chosen template but can be changed prior to exporting and include:

LabelsInclude/excludeInclude/exclude child pages with particular page labels. You can find further information about this here.

Enable links to external websitesIf checked, web links in the HTML file will be clickable
Enable links to ConfluenceIf checked, links to your Confluence site in the HTML file will be clickable
AttachmentsIf the option Embed referenced attachments is checked, the generated HTML export will contain the attachments included on the exported pages

Show "Table Of Content" macro outputIf checked, the Confluence Table of Contents Macro content will be displayed in the export
Show "Children" macro output

If checked, the Confluence Children Macro content will be displayed in the export

CaptionsFigure captionsIf an image or table is assigned a caption using the Scroll Title Macro, you can select whether to display that caption before or after the image or table
Table captions
File OptionsExport Filename

Use placeholders and/or text to define the filename for the generated HTML file. Selecting the + icon provides a selection of placeholders that can be used. If this field is empty, the filename will revert to the default.

i.e. Document Title-Document Revision-Export date

Search IndexSearch IndexWhen Build Search Index is enabled, a full text search index is generated and included in the final HTML archive

After selecting your preferences, simply click the Export button to generate the HTML file.