You can change the positioning of the Scroll Title caption in the export, so that is positioned above the table/figure, by modifying the Scroll Web Help Theme or your own template. 

Before you begin: To change the positioning of caption, a template must exist.

To change the positioning of captions so that they are rendered above tables in the exported HTML file:

  1. Open your template folder.
  2. Go to src > main > resources > com.k15t.scroll.scroll-webhelp-theme > scroll-html > table.vm in your template directory.
  3. Replace the code in the file with the following example:

    Caption Positioned Above Table

     <div ${idAttribute} class="tablewrap">
         <div class="caption">$stringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml($element.title)</div>
       <table $classAttribute.with($>
         #if($element.Colgroup.size() > 0)
             #foreach($col in $element.Colgroup)
               <col #if($col.Width) width="${col.Width}${col.MetricHtmlSymbol}"#end/>
  4. Save the table.vm file and rebuild the template by executing the atlas-package command in the terminal.