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Cloud & Server Differences

Learn about the differences between the Server/Data Center and Cloud versions of Scroll ImageMap.


Legend(tick) – Available | (error) – Unavailable | (warning) – Partially available

NameDescriptionServer/Data CenterCloud
ImageMap macro

Allows creating images with linked areas.

Page linksAllows linking areas to Confluence pages.(tick)(tick)
Web linksAllows linking areas to web pages.(tick)(tick)
Responsive macrosAdjusts the image map to screen or container size.(tick)(tick)


NameDescriptionServer/Data CenterCloudDetails
Scroll Viewport

Allows using ImageMaps in Viewport view.


This is possible since working on integrating Scroll ImageMap with Scroll Viewport Cloud -IMGMP-277

Scroll ExportersAllows ImageMaps to be included in the generated export(tick)(warning)
  • Scroll PDF Exporter - ImageMaps are exported and include defined clickable areas
  • Scroll Word Exporter - ImageMaps are exported but defined areas are not clickable (MS Word limitation)
  • Scroll HTML Exporter - ImageMaps are not fully supported in the generated exports, please see the related feature request here.
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