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Get Started

This article will guide you through the steps required to draw your first image map.

Draw an Image Map

Scroll ImageMap supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats.

  1. Create a page and insert an image that you want to add an image map too
  2. Save the page, re-edit the page, and remove the image
  3. Next, add the Scroll ImageMap Macro
  4. Edit the macro and use the header toolbar to define the size of the image
  5. Then, click on the Rectangle icon in the tools menu and draw an rectangle on the image
  6. Next, in the sidebar on the right, enter a tooltip and link to a different Confluence page in the This space or from All spaces

  7. Save your image map and the page
  8. Hover over the area that was defined on the image map.

That's it – you have successfully created and tested your first image map! The  image appears highlighted, showing the tooltip and once clicked will navigate to the linked page.

What's next

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