August 2016

K15t Software is proud to present Scroll ImageMap 2.0.

Bring Confluence images to life with multiple clickable link areas and mouseover tooltip regions. Use an intuitive graphical editor to draw shapes directly onto an image, and link them to Confluence content, external content, or helpful pop-up tips.

The following sections provide you a brief overview of the highlights of this release.

Add multiple links to images precisely as needed

Draw multiple shapes on a single Confluence image to define clickable or mouseover tooltip areas, and link them to other Confluence pages or external URLs as desired.

Draw interactive areas quickly in any shape

Easily draw any shape you need – from simple squares and circles to complex polygons – directly on your image with the built-in editor.

Create engaging, informative experiences

Turn your static images into interactive experiences for your users in nearly limitless ways. Clickable menus, diagrams, UI mockups, and landing pages are only the beginning of the use-case possibilities.

Upgrade Notes

Visit the Upgrade Notes page to learn more about Confluence version and browser support and changes to macros. 

The Scroll ImageMap 2.0 Team

  • Sven Walter
  • Martin Muzatko
  • Eugen Krämer
  • Tobias Anstett