February 2019

We're pleased to announce the release of Scroll ImageMap 2.3.0.

With this release, we're introducing a new data format for image maps, making links to Confluence pages and files significantly more robust.

Links in image maps just became much more robust

In image maps created in 2.3.0 and onwards, all links to Confluence resources are more robust than before – making them less prone to breaking in scenarios where the page or space where the ImageMap exists is duplicated.

This is because now, Scroll ImageMap uses Confluence's standard linking mechanism, rather than a custom solution.

For example, these are some actions that have been made possible:

  • make a space backup
  • import a space to new system
  • use Confluence's ‘copy with children’ functionality – the links in ImageMaps work like normal Confluence links (if relative to copied tree, they stay relative)

For a further list of new functionality and fixes introduced with the new data format, see the release changelog:

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs Fixed

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All updates and fixes in this release