On the Styles tab, you can define how tables will be formatted in your exports. 

Apply table styles 

In the Elements section of the template editor panel, you can define the default styling for the tables in your Confluence pages.

When you export Confluence content, it will be styled in accordance with the styles configured on this screen. For example, if you change the background color to red for table body cells, all corresponding cells will display a red background when exported from Confluence:

The inbuilt template editor contains a Preview section, on the right-hand of the screen, which offers a live view for your chosen styling choices – these automatically appear as you make edits.

If you are dissatisfied with the edits you have made to a table style, you can return to the default settings by clicking the arrow button next to Table in the paragraphs list.

Modify styles

Default table styles can be modified in a number of ways – you can change the following properties:

GeneralSpace (pt)Determine the amount of whitespace above and below the table

Header CellsAll style changes will be applied to cells for the table header
Body CellsAll style changes will be applied to cells for the table body
FontOverwrite style ofDefine whether Paragraphs styles contained within a table are overwritten with a table style
FontUse the bundled fonts, or add a custom font
StyleLight/regular/bold, italics, underlined
Size (pt)Select the font size
ColorChoose the color of your font
Text transformDecide whether the text style is Capitalised, UPPERCASE or lowercase
CellsLine height (%)Set the line height for text in cells
PaddingDetermine the amount of padding for the table cell
Background color

Choose the background color for the table cell

BorderTypeSelect the border style for the table cell
Strength (pt)Define the strength of the border style
Border colorChoose the border color for the table cell

Next steps

Now you have styled your tables, you can define the structure of your template – and fine-tune the design – on the 'Document Sections' tab.