For the most part, Scroll PDF Exporter has the same functionality in cloud and server.

However, there are some differences – these are documented in this article.


Scroll Export buttonAdds a button that triggers an export with a Scroll Exporter product.(tick)(error)
Scroll PagetitleMakes Scroll overwrite the page title on export.(tick)(error)

Please note that the Scroll Footnote macro will appear for Confluence server but remains compatible only with Scroll Docbook Exporter. You can read more about this here.

Template placeholders 

MetadataAdd a custom metadata value (defined in the Metadata add-on)(tick)(error)
Content propertyA custom content property(tick)(error)
Scroll Content ManagementRefers to any of our Scroll content management placeholders available through Scroll Versions and/or Scroll Translations apps.(tick)(error)
Comala WorkflowsRefers to any workflow state placeholder when integrating Comala Workflows with Scroll PDF Exporter(tick)(error)

Export via REST API 

Export to PDF via REST API(tick)(error)