November 2019

We are happy to announce the release of Scroll PDF Exporter 4.10, which is an improvement and bugfix release.

This minor update release includes improvements for preserving the Confluence Panel macro styling and also adds an additional placeholder to the file naming options within the export settings.

Additionally, we have introduced a public Java API which will allow users to initiate exports from custom Java applications.


Preserving Panel macro styling

This release adds support for retaining the styling of Confluence Panel macros. This means that if styling has been applied directly to the macro (via the macro parameters) directly on the Confluence page, this styling will be retained in the generated export. For Panel macros that do not have any styling applied, the styling choices from the template will be applied. This allows users to have further customization over the look and feel of their generated exports.

Java API

With this release we have introduced our public Scroll Exporter Java API. By using the Scroll Exporter API in your custom Java app, you can now:

  • perform an export with a specific configuration
  • list the export templates used with Scroll PDF Exporter
  • automate exports depending on your requirements
  • use your custom Java app to trigger an export depending on your specific needs

For further information on how to get started with the API, please see our related documentation

All updates and fixes in this release

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Bugs Fixed

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New Java API; Panel macro styling export improvements; table formatting bugfixes