July 2019

This minor update implements a fix for a security issue of medium severity – we recommend updating to this version.

You can read more regarding this issue via our Security Advisory.

Additionally, we have also implemented a highly requested feature in this new minor version. Please note, this release also has important implications for users that are using deprecated export templates (created in Scroll PDF Exporter v3.x) - please see below for further information.

Important update information

Medium Security fix

This minor release fixes a security issue of medium security that affects the upload mechanism (import) of an export template using the space or global admin screens. We recommend updating to this version and you can read more about the security issue here.

Change to deprecated templates

In this release we have changed deprecated export templates (created in Scroll PDF Exporter v3.x) to be read-only. This means that users will only be able to use these templates to export and won't be able to make any changes to them. This change is in part due to us wanting to move towards the adoption of v4 templates but also comes about due to the changes we have been making in preparation for Confluence 7. This involved overhauling our UI's due to a newer AUI version being used in the next Confluence version.

This means the Templates (Deprecated) section will not be available in this new release and it will not be possible to add or edit deprecated templates. However, for the time-being it will still be possible to export using these deprecated templates and they will appear in the respective templates overview sections (like they have done previously). In the future, we will be completely dropping support for deprecated templates. We therefore recommend migrating deprecated templates to version 4 as soon as possible. To read more about creating templates in version 4, please see our related documentation.


Embed attachments in PDF Exports

This release introduces a new export option allowing users to embed attachments on the Confluence page into the generated PDF export. This means that if you have additional attachments that you also want to be apart of the export, this is now possible.

You can find the option to embed attachments within the export properties section in the template settings:

Template editor enhancements

We have also made some behind the scene changes to the responsiveness of the template editor. This includes improving the way in which style changes are refreshed in the preview section, in addition to making the automatic scrolling smoother when switching between styles. 

Integration with Scroll Documents

Scroll PDF Exporter 4.7 also improves the integration with another of our apps, Scroll Documents. This update includes improvements to the export dialogue UI's when wanting to specifically export documents that have been created and managed by Scroll Documents. This makes it easier for users to export content which has been defined as a document from specific Confluence pages. 

If you are not familiar with Scroll Documents, you can read more here. You can also trial the app for free on Confluence Server and Cloud - please see our Atlassian Marketplace listing for more information.

All updates and fixes in this release

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