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How can I insert an export button?

This guide describes how to add a export button onto a Confluence page. The export button automatically creates an export of a page (or a page and its children) when clicked. You can set the exported page to be any page in your Confluence system.

Viewport Cloud User?

Please note, that the Scroll Export Button macro is not yet compatible with Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud. For introducing export capability with cloud Viewport sites we have the following open feature request - VPC-88

Insert and configure the export button

  1. Firstly, insert a Scroll Export Button macro onto the page
  2. Configure the macro:

    Add-onChoose which add-on to export with.
    Template ID

    The ID of the template you want to use for the export. Find the ID by clicking Space Tools > Add-ons > Scroll PDF Exporter, finding the template you want to use, and clicking Template Information in the actions dropdown menu.

    Export scope

    Select current to only export the chosen page, and descendants to export the chosen page and its descendants.

    If you leave this blank, the template's default export scope will be used or, if it has none, the descendants setting will be used.

    ContentThe page or blog post to export – this page can be from any space in the Confluence system.
    CaptionWrite a caption for the button.
  3. Save the page, and you can click the export button to perform an export with the configured settings.

When using Scroll Viewport for Confluence Server, this macro exports only the latest published to same space version (see feature request to make the macro be aware of the selected by a user version). If you have multiple versions available in Viewport, we don't recommend using this macro. Read the article on how to export with Scroll Exporters from Viewport.

If you want to style the button you can do so by adding the following code into your space or global stylesheet:

button[data-macro-name="scroll-exportbutton"] { background: yellow;}

This will render the button in yellow. Feel free to change this color to you own needs.

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