I don't want the the default templates included in Scroll PDF Exporter to be available for use. How can I hide them?


It is posible to hide/display the default templates on a global or space level. To change the setting on the space level, Confluence administrator or Space administrator permissions are required, and to change the setting on a global level, Confluence administrator permissions are required.

To hide/display the templates on the global level, navigate to General configuration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced plugin settings, and select Scroll PDF Exporter in the dropdown in the top-right of the screen. Now, edit the key and select Hidden or Visible.

By default, all spaces use the global setting unless the space setting is defined explicitly. If a space setting is defined explicitly, it will always overwrite the global setting. To change the setting for a specific space, open the space and navigate to Space tools > Scroll Add-ons ,   press the ALT key to make a menu entry for  Advanced Plugin Settings  appear at the bottom of the administration section, then select  Scroll PDF Exporter  in the dropdown in the top-right of the screen. Now, edit the  key and select  Hidden  or  Visible .