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How can I style heading levels greater than level 6?


When exporting content, Confluence heading levels 1-6 are handled according to the algorithm Scroll PDF Exporter uses to generate a sensible hierarchy in the export. However, in some cases the page tree structure being exported can include heading levels which Scroll PDF Exporter considers greater than the 6 heading levels Confluence offers.

How can these heading levels be styled in the generated export?


Within the Styles > Paragraphs section of the template editor you can use the Further headings style for formatting how heading level 7, level 8, level 9 etc. are exported. The Further headings style will be applied to all heading levels which are greater than heading level 6.

The diagram below shows how heading levels are considered as being greater than heading level 6. The diagram also displays the expected result when Scroll PDF Exporter processes pages containing heading levels 1-6, defined in a chronological order, on a parent and children page tree structure.

Please note, that if Confluence heading levels are not added in a chronological order on a page, for instance heading level 3 is added prior to heading level 1, this will affect how the heading levels are handled, and subsequently styled, in the export (learn more). 

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