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Where are my templates stored?


I have created a coupled of space and global templates. Where are those templates stored?


All Scroll PDF Exporter templates are stored in the following folder: <confluence home directory>/shared-home/scroll-exporter-data/scroll-pdf/templates

For each template (space and global) there's an individual folder (e.g. called 20e0883b-5355-4cb1-9433-a5004e60f61a), containing a metadata.json file and a data folder (containing additional json files).

To restore a template from this folder, ZIP the metadata.json file and the data folder, and import this file to your Confluence system.

Alternatively you could copy the scroll-exporter-data folder to another installation's shared home folder.

Afterwards you might need to either flush these Confluence caches or restart your Confluence (cluster):

  • Scroll PDF Exporter Template Descriptor Cache
  • Scroll PDF Exporter Template IDs Cache

To flush caches go to Confluence Administration > Cache Management > Show advanced view.

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