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When exporting a page, an error message appears stating: 'You cannot export this page because it is not the latest version'


When an attempt is made to export a space and/or page from Scroll Viewport, the export does not occur and the following error message appears:


This is because the Viewport theme applied to the page(s) defines the ajs-page-id meta tag, but it does not apply the ajs-latest-page-id meta tag.


To resolve this issue, admins with access to the Viewport theme need to add the ajs-latest-page-id meta tag to the theme, with the same value:

<meta name="ajs-page-id" content="$">
<meta name="ajs-latest-page-id" content="$"

It should be possible to search for the specific code in the template eg. <meta name="ajs-page-id" content="$"> .

However, if this is not the case, within the Viewport theme you will be able to find the correct location via navigating to: Templates > head.vm

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