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Create and Manage Custom Templates

Custom templates let you export Confluence content to PDF with full control over the content's look and feel.

Users can manage templates in two locations:

  • Confluence Administrators can manage default and global templates on the global template management screen at General configuration > Scroll PDF Exporter > Templates.
  • Space Administrators can manage all available templates for a particular space by navigating to that space, and clicking Space tools > Apps > Scroll PDF Exporter:

The Type column displays the type of the template. There are four types of template:

Default template

Default templates are bundled with Scroll PDF Exporter – they can be used in all spaces, and cannot be edited or deleted, but can be hidden via advanced plugin properties.

Global template

Global templates can be used in all spaces. Confluence Administrators can create, edit and delete them on the global template management screen.

Space template
Space templates are only used in the space where they were created. They can be edited or deleted by the Space Administrator that created them, and by all Confluence Administrators.
Deprecated template

Deprecated templates are templates created in Scroll PDF Exporter 3 and earlier. You can edit and export deprecated templates, but you can't make new ones.

We recommend migrating deprecated templates to Scroll PDF Exporter 4, as support will be dropped completely in a future version.

In the Actions column, you can carry out several actions to manage templates:

ActionRelevant templatesExplanation
EditSpace, Deprecated, Global

Confluence Administrators can edit all space, deprecated and global templates, and Space Administrators can edit space templates they have created and all deprecated templates.

CopyDefault, Global, Space

All Space Administrators and Confluence Administrators can copy all templates. When Space Administrators copy global templates, they are created as space templates.

DownloadAllDownload a template to Create and Manage Custom Templates
DeleteSpace, Deprecated

Confluence Administrators can delete all space and deprecated templates, and Space Administrators can delete all space templates they created, and all deprecated templates.

In the Visibility column, admins can toggle whether an export template should be made available for use from the export dialogue.

Import a template 

Import as global template

Confluence Administrators can upload templates as global templates by clicking General configuration > Scroll PDF Exporter > Templates > Upload

Import as space template

To import a downloaded template file as a space template, open the relevant space, and click Space tools > Add-ons > Scroll PDF Exporter > Upload

Create a template

Space Administrators can create a new space template by clicking New on the space templates screen, and Confluence Administrators can create global templates by clicking New on the global template administration menu.

Next steps

When you create and edit your new template, you can:

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