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Download a Template

You can download templates, for example if you want to share them publicly, or upload them to another Confluence instance to use them there.


You require the space administrator permission to download templates from a specific space.

Download a template

  1. Go to a space where the template you want to download is available for exporting to PDF
  2. Navigate to the Scroll PDF Exporter template management screen by clicking Space tools > Add-ons / Apps > Scroll PDF Exporter
  3. Now, in the Actions column, click the actions button ••• > Download:
  4. Following this, the *.data template file will be downloaded. Please see Upload a Template to read more about uploading the template file to a different space.

Download a Global template

Please note, it is also possible to download templates from the Confluence global administration. This requires global administrator permissions and can be performed within:

  • Confluence administration > Scroll PDF Exporter > Templates

You can then follow the same steps outlined in this documentation to download the chosen template file.

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