You can change the page orientation in exports using the following macros: 

  • The Scroll Landscape macro enforces a landscape page orientation in exports. 
  • The Scroll Portrait macro enforces a portrait page orientation in exports. 

The specific page layout will be applied to all content which immediately follows this macro. The page orientation will be reset to the setting defined in the template at the end of a Confluence page. 

Scroll Landscape and Scroll Portrait macros should not be placed within any other macros or elements (e.g. tables) on a page. If this is performed, Scroll PDF Exporter will try to move the macros but is unable to do so in all cases and the following error message will be printed in the export:

 "Error: Incorrectly positioned Scroll Portrait/Landscape macro. See the documentation for more information."

To prevent this error message, the macros should not be wrapped within any other macro or element.