For the most part, Scroll PDF Exporter has the same functionality in Server/Data Center and Cloud. However, there are some differences – these are documented in this article.

Scroll Macros 

When installing Scroll PDF Exporter on Confluence Server/Data Center, the Scroll macros come bundled automatically and will be available after the installation. This differs to Confluence Cloud, where, to gain access to the Scroll Macros you would need to separately download and install the free Scroll Exporter Extensions app (after installing the macros will become available after a few minutes). 

Differences between macro availability on Server / Data Center and Cloud:

MacroDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloud
Scroll PagetitleMakes Scroll overwrite the page title on export. (tick)

(error) - On Cloud, this macro is not available.

Instead, go to the Page tools (•••) and select "Set Scroll Page Title", you can read more about this here.

Scroll app specific macros

For users of Scroll PDF Exporter 4.1 (and older), you may have used Scroll app specific macros on your Confluence pages (eg. Scroll-PDF-Ignore). Since EXP-32 we have made changes to these Scroll macros so they are not app-specific.(tick)

(error) - On Cloud, these macro are not yet available.

Related feature request: EXP-2989

Template placeholders 

When customizing export templates on Confluence Server/Data Center and Confluence Cloud, there is a difference in the available placeholders that can be added to the template. Theses are documented below:

PlaceholderDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloud
MetadataAdd a custom metadata value (defined in the Metadata add-on)(tick)(error)
Content propertyA custom content property(tick)(error)
Scroll Content ManagementRefers to any of our Scroll content management placeholders available through Scroll Versions and/or Scroll Translations apps.(tick)(error)
Comala Document ManagementRefers to any workflow state placeholder when integrating Comala Document Management with Scroll PDF Exporter(tick)(error)

Administrative features

There remains some differences between the administrative features available for the Server / Data Center version of the app and the Cloud version of the app. These are explained below:

FeatureDescriptionServer / Data CenterCloud
Option to hide default templatesHide the default templates from the template list(tick)


Related feature request: EXP-2498

Option to restrict the export optionChoose which spaces and/or user groups have the option to export content with Scroll PDF Exporter.(tick)


Related feature request: EXP-2346

Restrict the number of pages that can be exported in a single export Limit the number of pages that can be exported by Scroll PDF Exporter(tick)(error)
Control how many exports can be performed at the same timeConfigure how many worker threads are available for handling export requests(tick)(error)
Show/hide the native Confluence PDF export option Show or hide Confluence's built-in PDF exporter in the page tools (•••)(tick)(error)
Configure an external conversion process for generating exportsConfigure Scroll PDF Exporter to perform the 'Rendering PDF' step in a separate external JVM process(tick)(error)
Enable segmentation mode Configure Scroll PDF Exporter to use a segmentation mode to reduce the amount of memory consumed when rendering a PDF(tick)(error)

Export options

There remains some differences between the export options available for the Server / Data Center version of the app and the Cloud version of the app. These are explained below:

Server / Data CenterCloud
Export to PDF via REST APIExport content using the REST API either synchronously and asynchronously(tick)


Related feature request: EXP-2192

Export to PDF via Java APIPerform exports in your custom Java app using our public Scroll Exporter Java API(tick)(error)
Export using Comala Document Management integration Integrate with Comala Document Management to only export content that has been approved through every step of a Comala Workflow, and has been published to the final workflow state.(tick)


Related feature request: EXP-2861