November 2017

We're proud to announce the release of Scroll PDF Exporter 4.0.10, which is an improvement and bugfix release. 

Upgrade notes

Information regarding the new heading numbering customization feature

In version 4.0.10 heading numbers will appear either both in the content and the TOC, or not at all, depending on whether the numbering style option is enabled for the specific heading level.

In 4.0.9 all entries in the TOC were numbered, even if they were not numbered in the content. This means that templates with TOC placeholders may produce different output in this version.


  • New: option to customize heading numbering

End-of-life policy

We're following the same end of life policy as Atlassian. This means that when we release a new add-on version, that version will support all versions of Confluence/JIRA that have been released within the last two years.

We don't drop support for older versions of Confluence/JIRA when we release new patch versions, only when we release new major or minor versions.

You can find further details until when specific versions are supported in the Atlassian end of life policy.

All updates and fixes in this release

Requested Features

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Bugs Fixed

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descriptionOption to customize heading numbering. Other fixes and improvements