September 2019

We are pleased announce the release of Scroll PDF Exporter 4.9 which is an improvement and bugfix release.

This minor release includes new template options for configuring custom page sizes. Additionally, we have introduced a new functionality for admins that will allow them to initiate a segmentation mode to help reduce memory consumption for larger exports.


Custom page size options

Within this new release we have added the option for users to configure their own pages sizes for the PDF export. This can be defined within the Settings > General > Layout options:

When configuring the page size, a preview of the page dimensions will be shown underneath.

New segmentation mode

This release includes a new segmentation mode, thanks to a recent update to the PDF library that we use. This means that admins now have the option for enabling this functionality to reduce the amount of memory that is consumed during the export process. You can read more about this functionality and how to implement it here.


Additionally, the release also includes a fix for the problem that prevented TTC fonts from being correctly rendered in PDF exports.

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