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Include content from other pages

Roman Serazhiev

Roman Serazhiev Last update: Dec 13, 2017


Information in this article is only applicable if both Scroll Translation and Scroll Versions are activated in the same space. If you only use Translations in a particular space, you can use regular Include and Excerpt Include macros bundled with Confluence. They work with multi-language content.

To make content reuse work properly with versioned content, Scroll Versions comes with its own version of the Include macro, (called the Include+ macro) and the Excerpt Include macro (called the Excerpt Include+ macro). These make reusing content within versioned spaces a snap.

The Include+ macro

The Include+ macro is an overhauled version of Confluence's Include macroIt highlights included content, shows you the source of the content on mouseover, and also displays the other pages that also use this content.

The Include+ macro is integrated with the concurrent versions feature, meaning the corresponding version of the included content is displayed. For example, a page for target version 1.1 will include the target version 1.1 of the included page. If the 1.1 version is not available, the macro will fall back to an earlier version of the included page.

How do I use it?

Insert the Include+ macro as you would any other macro, then select which page you want to include. The selected page's content will be included where you inserted the macro. Once you activate Translations and Versions in a space, any existing Include macros will be automatically converted into Include+ macros only when you edit the page for the first time. Please note: if you have created a new page and manually selected Include macro, it won't be converted automatically as we assume that you as a user is deliberately making this choice.

To view the source of included content, the Highlight Include feature must be activated. You can mouse over included content (highlighted in a light gray box) to see the name and language of the source page. You can also click the source page to go there directly. You can find the Highlight Include setting in your user's Scroll settings.

Furthermore, in the Versions Menu, you can check whether the page you're on is included anywhere else (in your currently selected version) by clicking Include Information.

The Excerpt Include+ Macro

The Excerpt Include+ macro is a modified version of Confluence's default Excerpt Include macro, which is used to display sections of one page in another. This version has been reworked to function correctly in versioned spaces.

How do I use it?

Include any content you want to duplicate in a normal Excerpt macro, and then insert an Excerpt Include+ macro on the page where you want it to be duplicated. Please note: like the normal Excerpt Include macro, the Excerpt Include+ macro will always include the content in the first Excerpt macro on the source page. So only one Excerpt macro can be used per page.

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