This guide describes the steps required to get Scroll Translations up and running so you can start translating in Confluence.


You can either install automatically from within Confluence using the Universal Plugin Manager, or manually by downloading the .obr installation file from the Atlassian Marketplace and uploading it to Confluence.

Want to try it for free?

You can use Scroll Translations free for 30 days by downloading a full-functionality trial version:

  • If you are downloading via the Atlassian Marketplace, click Try it free
  • If you are downloading via the Universal Plugin Manager, click Free trial

Once you have installed Scroll Translations, you can configure it in spaces with content you want to translate.

Define a default language

Firstly, you have to define the default language for this space – this is the language of the source content that you are translating from. To define the space's default language, navigate to Space tools > Scroll Add-ons > Languages > Manage > Add language and choose a language using the drop-down menu.

Define target language(s)

Now, you can define what languages you want the content to be translated into, by clicking the Add language button.

Users with Space Admin, Doc-Admin and Confluence Admin permissions can define further target languages at any time.

You can only change the default language before you have started translating

Before you start translating, you can change a target language into the space's default language by clicking Default language in the language management menu.

However, after you have started translating your content, you can no longer change a space's default language.

Assign users to Scroll Translations roles

Next, you have to assign Scroll Translations roles to user groups or individual users. Scroll Translations includes two roles – Doc-Admin and Translator.






Can read the published version of the documentation




Can view the language picker and other Scroll Translations information



CopyCan copy translated pages(tick)(tick)
MoveCan move translated pages(tick)(tick)


Can edit and contribute content



DeleteCan delete translated pages(tick)(error)

Manage content

Can define languages



You can assign these on the Roles screen in the Scroll Add-ons administration menu.

Next steps

The language is added to your Confluence system and can be translated either in Confluence or in a Translation Memory System.