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Display the Page Tree in a Page

The default Confluence page tree macro does not work with Scroll Translations – this is because if you use it in translated pages, it only resolves the page tree in the default language.

That's why we developed the Scroll Page Tree macro, which is fully compatible with Scroll Translations, and resolves the page tree in the correct language. To display the page tree in a page, just insert the Scroll Page Tree macro onto the page.

Configure page tree settings

There are multiple options for configuring the page tree.




Root Page

The home page of the space

Specify the parent page for the page tree. The tree will include all descendants of that page, but not the root page itself.

  • Page title – to specify a particular page to be the parent page.
  • @none – includes all pages in the space, including orphaned pages and the home page.
  • @space – the home page of the space will be the parent page.
  • @self – current page will be the parent page.
Hide Unavailable PagesUncheckedCheck if you only want to display pages that are available in the current working language.
Sort Pages Byposition

Specify the order to display the pages in the tree. This sort order is for display purposes only. It does not permanently re-arrange the page order.

  • bitwise – sort in strict alphabetical order, e.g. title1, title10, title2
  • creation – sort by creation date
  • modified – sort by modification date of the page in the working language
  • natural – sort in 'natural' alphabetical order, e.g. title1, title2, title10
  • position – sort by the default Confluence sorting rules. If your pages have been ordered manually, this setting will respect the defined order. Otherwise the pages will be displayed in the 'natural' alphabetical order.
Start Depth1

Specify the levels of children displayed in the tree.

Enter any number greater than 0 to set how many levels of children should be displayed in the tree when it is loaded for the first time.

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