We're happy that you chose Scroll Translations for translating and managing your Confluence content in multiple languages.

In a few simple steps, this guide demonstrates how to translate content in Confluence.

First steps

Make sure that a user with Space Administrator, Doc-Admin or Confluence Administrator permissions has configured default and target languages for this space.

Translate a page

Let's start out by translating a Confluence page using Scroll Translations, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to a page that you would like to translate.
  2. Select a target language in the language picker. In this example, the default language for the space is English and the target language is German.

    The content is not yet translated, but you can have a look at the default language by clicking Display default.
  3. To start translating, click the Translate button (this replaces the Edit button in non-default language pages). You'll see that the normal Confluence editor has been replaced by a side-by-side translation editor, with the source language on the left and the target language on the right.

    Let's 'translate' the page by entering Translated title for the title, and Translated content for the content.
  4. In order to speed up the translation process and not to have to recreate the layout, macros or tables, select Copy to translation in the original language side bar to paste it into the translation editor on the right. 

    (info) Keep in mind, any content present in the translation editor will be overwritten by the original language, but you can undo it by selecting Undo or using Command/Control + Z.

  5. Now, that the structure was copied, just replace the text within the page with its translation.
  6. Because we've translated the whole page, we'll save the translation as Complete.
  7. Now, if you click the translation status in the page byline, you'll see that the translation is now in the Complete state, indicated by a green check.

Congratulations, you've successfully translated your first page using Scroll Translations!

Next steps

Once you set up multiple languages in a space, you can read pages in your preferred language. Select the language you want to view.

If you want to translate your content in a Translation Management System (TMS), you can also export your Confluence content and work on it in your TMS.

Are you translating multiple pages in Confluence, and want an overview on the status on your translation?