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Supported Languages

Scroll Translations supports all language locales supported by the Java version on the server where Confluence is running. This is where Scroll Translations sources its list of supported languages from.

If you want to add a custom language to Scroll Translations, this is also possible.

Add a custom language 

To add a new language locale for use Scroll Translations, firstly go to General configuration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced Plugin Settings.

If multiple modules that use the Advanced Plugin Settings are enabled, choose Scroll Platform. Edit translations.custom.locales and insert the supported language key(s) you want to add to be available in Scroll Translations, separated by commas. Language keys must have the format languageCode_countryCode_variantCode – for example, fr_FR_french

Once the language keys have been added, they can be used in the language administration and can be added as target or default language.

If your custom language does not show up, check your Confluence logs for a warning – the locale key may be invalid. If you are certain it is valid, please contact for further help.

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