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Using Collaborative Editing


I want to use Scroll Translations in my Confluence 6 instance where collaborative editing is activated. Will there be any limitations to Scroll Translations' functionality in my system?


Yes, there are several limitations when working with Scroll Translations when collaborative editing has been activated in your Confluence instance;

1. Synchrony sometimes skips a beat

Synchrony is the service that powers collaborative editing – it is used to synchronize content, title and events between collaborators. During testing, we found that sometimes Synchrony simply does not deliver certain events: for example, when a user saves the page via Update or Publish, you will normally get a banner saying that a given user has just published this page, but sometimes this information does not appear. Scroll Translations reacts to these events, for example to display the Scroll translated title, so if the event is not sent or not received, Scroll Translations can not update the editor.

If you notice any odd behavior with Scroll Translations (for example if a page title changes to a strange name like '.TITLE v1.0'), reloading the editor is enough to update the editor with the intended changes.

2. Pages can't be edited in one language if there are unpublished changes in another language

Because of the way Synchrony and Scroll Translations work together, it is impossible for different users to edit pages in different languages at the same time once collaborative editing has been activated.

3. Limited mode is not supported

The 'limited mode' for collaborative editing is not supported in Scroll Translations-managed spaces. This mode is meant to debug connection and setup problems with Synchrony. Please set up Synchrony before starting to work in your Scroll Translations-managed spaces. You can either use collaborative editing with full functionality, (on mode), or not use it at all (off mode).

4. For best results, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

When testing collaborative editing, we found that we achieved the best results using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When using Safari, we seemed to encounter problems with Synchrony more often.

Furthermore, please make sure to use at least Atlassian Confluence 6.0.3, because in earlier versions, Synchrony had a bug in combination with Mozilla Firefox.

5. Only admins can discard drafts created by another user

Due to known Confluence 6 limitations, it is not possible to discard drafts created by another user. You have to be an administrator or the owner of the draft to be able to delete or discard them.

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