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Broken Content by Label Macros


In Confluence 5.8 or 5.9, pages migrated from previous versions of Confluence that contained a Content by Label macro are displaying a macro rendering error.


This is caused by a macro migration issue in Confluence  that can occur in certain conditions.


You can repair the broken pages by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in with space admin permissions
  2. Upgrade Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations to version 2.8.10 and 1.7.10 or above respectively
  3. Access the task via
    1. /spaces/com.k15t.scroll.platform/scroll-confluence58-repair-content-by-label.action if you want to repair this problem across the whole Confluence instance
    2. /spaces/com.k15t.scroll.platform/scroll-confluence58-repair-content-by-label.action?key=spaceKey if you want to repair this problem in a specific space
  4. The Repair broken contentbylabel macros on Confluence 5.8 screen is displayed:
  5. Click Repair
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