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Exclude Content from Translation

Scroll Translations provides a macro — Translations Ignore — for marking a piece of content to be ignored in translations. The macro comes in two flavours:

  1. Translations Ignore to be used to mark a larger block, like a section or full paragraph of content to be ignored in translations.

  2. Translations Ignore (inline) to be used to mark an inline term to be ignored in translations.

Content placed inside either of the macro variants in the default language will be marked in the Confluence editor with the label Translations Ignore.

Translations Ignore
Translations Ignore

Translations Ignore Inline

Translations Ignore (Inline)
The macro works differently depending on the translation approach used to translate your content.

External translation using XLIFF format (recommended)

When using external translation with XLIFF format the macro marks the term or block in the exported file to be ignored. Scroll Translation will also automatically detect and ignore marked terms when importing the file again so the term or block can't be translated even if a translation has wrongfully been provided. The automatic ignoring available when using XLIFF translations files makes this a recommended approach for translations with a lot of content that need to be ignored.

Translation inside Confluence

When translating content inside Confluence the term or block will simply be visible in the source language as a macro with a clear label Translations Ignore. Due to technical reasons no automatic detection will be done so the term could potentially be translated if the translator is not aware what the label Translations Ignore means.

External translation using storage format

When using external translation with storage format the term or block is wrapped in a XML-tag — Translations Ignore — and the translator might need to be made aware of this tag in order to ignore the content when translating. No automatic detection will be made on import.

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