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Initially Displayed Language


I have configured multiple languages for a space – how does Scroll Translations control which language is displayed to users when they first enter a space?


In Scroll Translations and in Confluence, languages have the following format: languageCode_countryCode_variantCode. For example, English (UK) is en_GB (there is no variantCode, as  this is an optional field only used for specific variants of languages).

Scroll Translations checks if there is a translation available with the same languageCode_countryCode_variantCode values as the user's defined Confluence language, and displays that language if there is a translation available with those values.

If the languageCode and countryCode are the same but the variantCode is different, the translation with the same languageCode and countryCode is displayed.

If the languageCode is the same but the countryCode and variantCodes are different, then the translation with the same languageCode is displayed. For example, if the Confluence language is English (UK) and the only English translation available is English (US), then Confluence pages would be displayed in English (US) by default, as they have the same languageCode.

If there is no language available in the Confluence language

If there are is no language available with the same languageCode as the Confluence language, then the default language for the space is displayed.

If a user changes the language manually

If a user changes the language manually using the language picker, the language choice is stored;

    • For logged-in users: stored in the Confluence database
    • For anonymous users: stored in user session (5 hours by default)

If a page has not been translated to a language

If a user navigates to a page which has not been translated, they will be met with an empty page with the following message: This page has not yet been translated to <language>.

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