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Translated Knowledge Base for JSM


I want to connect my JIRA Service Desk project to a Confluence space, to use it as a knowledge base. Is it possible to link to a Scroll Translations-managed space?


It is not possible to link surely to a Scroll Translations-managed space because there are a few issues that cause the knowledgebase content to not be resolved in the JIRA service desk customer portal as expected:

  1. Translated page titles do not appear in the search, as JIRA service desk searches for the Confluence page title rather than the scroll page title.
  2. There is no way to change between languages when viewing the page content, as the language picker won't appear when viewing the page content. There's also no way of controlling which language content will appear when you click on a link from the search.


However, there is a workaround that allows you to use the translated content as a knowledgebase: if you install Scroll Versions, you can publish each language to a separate space, and create a separate service desk for each language, and link each service desk to the relevant language space.

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